What is Reese News Lab?

We are a community of students and professionals working to reshape the future of journalism through computational journalism, product development, audience engagement and emerging technologies.

Computational Journalism

Computational methods are driving rapid changes across the media landscape. They allow reporters to more easily find stories hidden in open public data, and they drive the personal recommendation systems that help readers find news. At Reese News Lab, we are exploring how computational journalism can help news organizations improve efficiency and develop new products and services that generate revenue. Students working on the Carolina Data Desk are helping bring basic data reporting techniques to help resource-starved news organizations in North Carolina and beyond better serve the public interest.

Media Product Development

Students in the Lab’s “Creating Tomorrow’s News Products” class spend a semester using a human-centered innovation process to develop ideas for media products that are desirable, sustainable and feasible.

Audience Engagement

The best way to survive the cyclone of creative disruption in media is to follow the customers. We’re looking at how news organizations can use audience engagement and analytics to not only ensure that their reporting is relevant and build loyalty, but to perpetually iterate their products and services in anticipation of customer needs.

Emerging Technologies

The Lab isn’t just working on the tools and techniques that are changing journalism today, but on developing entirely new ways of telling stories and engaging audiences with immersive media such as augmented and virtual reality.