Lessons from a Reese News Lab startup

One question we often hear from visitors at the Reese News Lab is: "What happens to the projects after the end of the semester?"

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A day in Chatham County: Designing products for news desert residents

As I wrote in our recap, Reese News Lab interns are working to create sustainable media products for Chatham County this semester in partnership with UNC’s new Center for Innovation and Sustainabili...

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Using discipline in product development

Thanks to UNC's Minor in Entrepreneurship, we had a chance to visit last week with Shiva Rajaraman, who has been a leader of product teams at YouTube, Google and Spotify. When I think about Shivaâ€...

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Week One at Reese News Lab

Snow and ice delayed the start of the semester at Reese News Lab, but we managed to kick off orientation on Friday the 13th. It could have been a bad omen, but I think we're off to a pretty good ...

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