Reese News Lab wins Knight News Challenge

The Reese News Lab in the UNC School of Media and Journalism has been awarded $150,000 in the Knight News Challenge for Campaign Hound, a searchable archive and alert service that enables users to monitor political speeches remotely.

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Lab Reports

Lessons in journalism innovation

Take these three words: journalism, innovation, and education. Add them together. What do you get? Some people get a challenge. Innovating in journalism education isn’t easy. The media moves quic...

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Build before you build: why prototyping is important

I still think that jumping into building the actual product works sometimes, but I see a little bit better the value of postponing the building process and working with prototypes.

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Building something big happens slowly

You can’t build something truly great in a day, but how do you avoid discouragement in the face of roadblocks?

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