Last week, Team Corruption sent out a survey to employees who have completed compliance training. This week, we’ve started seeing the responses, and our suspicions have been confirmed: Compliance training is long, boring, and feels hypothetical. With these thoughts in mind, we decided it was time to talk to those who design and oversee compliance training.

Our first thought was that this was easier said than done. We struggled and felt like we absolutely knew no one we could talk to. Finally, we started out by looking back into what we already knew. We quickly realized that we already had two contacts that we could follow up with. Of course, we needed to talk to more people than that.

Well, who did we want to talk to? Who were the people designing and overseeing compliance training? We first narrowed down our search to HR managers and then discovered that corporate ethics and compliance offices, specifically, exist. With this, we contacted the National HR Association, as well as the Ethics and Compliance Officer Association.

Next, we thought about a nearby resource: the Research Triangle Park. RTP is home to hundreds of companies, many of which would be relevant to us. We studied the directory of companies in RTP, looking for companies that were originally based in the U.S. and have global offices. Using the information in this directory, we contacted several companies where we didn’t know anyone. Then, we waited.

Today, we will have our first meeting with an Ethics and Compliance officer who works in RTP. We’re still hoping to discover more connections, and hear back from more people, but we are excited to finally receive feedback and some hard data about our project.



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