In the beginning of this semester, my team and I thought we would be launching the project Weather Wager. This project was developed as a risk-free way for users to bet on the weather. However, through a series of events, we realized that this project had some kinks in it. In the hopes of launching a project this semester, we decided to move on from our baby.

This left us in a perplexed state of “Where do we go from here?” My team and I started to worry about developing a project for the semester.

When we got to this point, I remembered something John Clark, the executive director of the Reese News Lab, said at orientation. Because the Lab has moved to launching projects, there were some expected changes to be made in team dynamics. When asked what he was most worried about in regard to these changes, John said morale. He anticipated that, with the difference of the atmosphere in the Lab, the excitement surrounding the projects would start to wane as the semester went on.

As my team and I sat in silence trying to figure out what to do next, I felt John’s words becoming true. We were at a standstill. There were several different paths that we could go down, and we weren’t sure which one to take. Should we focus on bringing a gaming aspect to local news or live events? We wanted to keep some of the elements of Weather Wager, but we also didn’t want to continue circling back to the same idea. We had now developed several prototypes, discussed our ideas with professors and brainstormed until we couldn’t think anymore. We were losing morale and weren’t sure which next step we should take.

Yet, instinctively, we do know. We want to stay true to our integrity and what we are passionate about: the news. We want to incorporate a fun element to news intake that will prove to be entertaining for users.

Eventually we came to the project we are working on now – a daily news quiz where users can answer questions about the top news stories. While we have an idea, the project is still developing each day and will continue to do so in the future. However, we have something we’re excited about. We’ve been able to incorporate elements from previous ideas that we loved. In answering the question “Where do we go from here?” we found the answer to be in our true intentions. Not what we thought we should be doing, but what we as a team were excited to come to work for.


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