Why Me? Why Us?

Reese News Lab is an exceptional place for exceptional people.

A few days ago I was thinking about the reason I got chosen to intern at Reese and I could see why. Coming from a background with extensive customer service experience I am able to put myself in other people’s shoes. What do they want? How does that make them feel? How can I make them feel valued? However, my intuition is not always right which is why I need my teammates.

Before I start talking about why I was chosen for Reese News Lab, let me tell you about my teammates and everything they brought to the table.

Ashley Roddy: The heart of the team

When I think about why Ashley was chosen to work at Reese, I can think of a million things, but what stands out is her passion. Ashley is a VERY passionate person and this is why I see her as the heart of the team, where our emotions come from. She gets very excited about things she loves, which is something I love about her. Her passion is also easily transmitted unto others. Additionally, she is the best person at research I have ever met in my life! You can ask Ashley about anything you want to find on the Internet, and she will know what keywords to search for. Last but not least, she is good at explaining our problem and how our product provides a solution. At a time, when I was confused/unclear about these issues, Ashley rescued me by putting together  a pitch script in which she clearly explained why our product was great and worthy of pursuit.

Cici Du: The brain of the team

Cici is the one who brings logic to the team and is always thinking. She reminds me to hold my horses and not start letting my mind travel too far into the future. She brings me back to reality by questioning everything I and my other teammates do. Even though this drives me crazy sometimes, we need Cici on our team. Cici always thinks about the ideas she is given and why they would not work; she even questions Director of the Lab John Clark! However, this allows us to consider other options and not get stuck on an idea we think is great but might not work in the future. I see Cici as the opposite of me. While I am very optimistic and think every idea can work, she brings rationality to the team and reminds us of the logical reasons something might not be such a good idea. Cici is also really good at putting her ideas on paper. Just like the way that Ashley is great at articulating why our product works, Cici is great at putting her thoughts onto paper. I remember the time when she created our first prototype, I was so impressed. It was like unknowingly, she took the thoughts from my brain and put them onto paper. Cici is also great at taking initiatives. She doesn’t wait for others to tell her what to do; instead, she gets things done.

Justina Vasquez: The eyes of the team

Justina is the one of the members of the Lab crew that has worked here before. Therefore, she sees things I don’t. She is really good at understanding the process and where we are going. Throughout the summer I felt like she was the one who knew the next step to take. When I was completely disoriented, she would be the eyes that led me in the right direction. Another thing I love about Justina is that she is not afraid to speak her mind and voice her out-of-the-box ideas. At the beginning of our internship, she would blurt out every thought that popped up in her head. I admire her because she  is not afraid of what others think about her ideas.

Lastly, Justina loves Reese New Lab,  I know it holds a special place in her heart and it is reflected in everything she does for the team and the Lab. She is passionate about journalism and believes in it!

Me: The Hands of the team

Even though we all reached out to prospective customers/users–I don’t know how–but I ended up being the person who scheduled the most meetings for our team. Therefore, I would call myself “the hands of the team” because I reached out to people and successfully scheduled conference calls almost every day. Another strength I brought to my team is that I was able to put myself in the customer’s shoes and think about how they would perceive our product. I constantly found myself being concerned about pleasing the customers/users, making sure their needs were met and we were charging a reasonable price for a product that would really make their life easier not harder. Another one of my strengths is that I wanted to make sure all of my team members felt comfortable and valued. Even though I did not do a great job in the beginning, as time passed, I became more comfortable asking them how they were feeling and acknowledging what they were doing for the team. Lastly, me and my positivism would help my teammates feel better in times of trouble. For example, two weeks before pitch day when we questioned the value of our product, I was ready to continue pursuing our idea or change into another. I strongly believed whichever decision we made would yield a positive result or teach us a good lesson.

Working at Reese News Lab has allowed me to understand the importance of working in a team. In the beginning, Director of the Lab John Clark said nobody could succeed by working alone. Now I understand that you need your teammates for support as well as to tell you the truth when you need it.


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