This week has been the hardest by far.

When an idea is a beautiful conceptualization, the incoming hurdle can be encapsulated in one sentence: “Oh crap … How are we actually going to make this?”

This week Wesley, Elly and I have been breaking down our app into workable components and have started detailing how these will all function. One step we are currently clambering over is how we will analyze culture at each college campus.

As we have based our ideas off Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, we have been in the process of choosing five different dimensions that will help distinguish each college in a very simple way. We then looked at the creation of a pertinent survey that could consistently measure this data. We have been using the Hofstede survey as a guide to the types of questions we could produce on a similar Likert scale.

Needless to say this first step was like Neil Armstrong’s.

Collaborating together to try and create these five dimensions from scratch was difficult. Our goal was to brainstorm dimensions that could simply, yet succinctly and specifically, describe a culture to students. We also drafted some mock questions that could be used in a survey to gather data for the analysis.

Although we have been following through with this current objective, the fate of our app is still looming over us like a guillotine. The myriad universities we sent proposals to are yet to respond. As we are basing this current concept on their compliance and desire, their positive or negative evaluations hold the idea in limbo.

This means that although we are conscientiously moving forward with the operational aspects of our idea, there is still tension as to whether this approach will still be sufficient with negative responses. The cultural analysis is versatile however, and although we may not get the compliance from the school to use certain information, if the worst happens we can morph to succeed in a different environment.

It just means we head back to the drawing board.

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