It’s hard to believe that we have spent five weeks brainstorming, dissecting ideas, discussing, pivoting, rethinking, changing, stressing and searching for answers to questions that don’t have right and wrong answers. At the end of it all, we need one idea that we will call our own.

We are looking for a needle in a proverbial haystack, searching for the one unique idea that we truly believe in.

Week after week, we have been digging.

Relics of our brainstorms cover the walls. Looking back on old ideas almost feels like seeing a photo of an old friend. There is that moment of recognition, of seeing a familiar face, and realizing that you simply took a different path. It is a reminder that this is a journey.

Our idea has grown and changed. Its many iterations follow a strange path of inspiration. As we reconsider our idea after a new conversation, or a new insight, it seems to morph before us. We tweak this, or alter that, or add something new, or even completely remove something previously so integral to our idea we couldn’t imagine continuing without it.

This change is good. We are homing in on something different, something we could not have found in our early brainstorming sessions. As we get closer and closer, we start asking questions. Are we all on the same page? Are we 100 percent behind our idea? Are my teammates, Jordan McMullen and Elly Penning, and I going to be pitching the same thing in just six weeks?

We are nearing the halfway point. Strangely, it feels as though our search is coming to a close. We have a hold of something, a one-sentence conceptualization of our idea. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Will it push us forward? I sure hope so. Small changes will happen, but I can safely say our sentence is a product of five weeks of intense work.

Five weeks ago, I didn’t know either of my teammates; now, we are unified behind one idea. We have a direction. We have a common goal. We are ready to start building.

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