Kinethics LogoOne question we often hear from visitors at the Reese News Lab is: “What happens to the projects after the end of the semester?” Kinethics is one example of how a project might live on after a semester at the Lab.

Kinethics team: Hrisanthi Kroi, Abby Reimer, Hannah Wang and Pooja Kodavanti.

The team: Hrisanthi Kroi, Abby Reimer, Hannah Wang and Pooja Kodavanti.

Abby Reimer, Hannah Wang, Hrisanthi Kroi, and Pooja Kodavanti formed the Kinethics team during the Fall 2014 semester with the goal to fight global corruption. Over the course of the semester, they developed a anti-bribery training platform that used the storytelling strategies of journalism to gamify compliance.

Robin West, a UNC alumni, gifted $44,800 to the school after hearing the Kinethics pitch. Using that funding, the team turned their project into a startup. They turned their prototype into an online platform, spun out of the university, and turned their eye towards sales.

Finally, in the Fall of 2016, the team decided to close out their startup journey. They are now seeking a buyer for the Kinethics company and platform.

Over the course of their journey, the members of Kinethics experienced and learned from many of the challenges that young entrepreneurs face, from imposter syndrome to team discord.

In this case study, the team reflects on lessons learned and challenges faced and resolved during their development. We hope that their reflections will give you an insight to the post-Reese experience and help other young entrepreneurs on their journeys.

When did it all happen? Here’s the Kinethics timeline:

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