Spring break is right around the corner, but as you may know, there’s never really 100% free time for those of us in the startup grind. That’s extra true for student entrepreneurs–trying to run a business between classes can feel like trying to outrun a bear. That makes spring break the perfect time to catch up on things and get yourself some breathing room, whether you’re staycationing it or hanging out on a beach. Here are five things you can do for your startup over spring break, from most to least time consuming:

1. Run a design sprint

Design sprints are a great way to get momentum going in your team, but most students don’t have time to commit to a full-time sprint in between classes. Luckily, spring break is precisely the right amount of time for a 5-day sprint. GV (formerly known as Google Ventures) has a great plan for a DIY sprint. Hopefully, by the end of the sprint, your team will know exactly what you need to be doing in between classes.

Onward, team!

2. Do your taxes

Yeah, this one’s not fun. But if you incorporated your company in 2016, your tax return is due soon! If you’re an S-Corp, you have until March 15. If you’re a C-Corp, you’ve got a little time–they’re not due until April 18, but you won’t want to deal with that in between due dates and exams. Use your downtime to find yourself an accountant or learn to DIY it (but be careful if you go that route).

3. Fix that one bug

Again, not much fun. But there’s always that one thing you’ve been meaning to fix, except you just don’t have the time. It’s time to get yourself a cup of coffee and hunker down. Download a Chrome extension to keep yourself offline if you have to, and don’t forget to reward yourself when it’s finally done.

You deserve a treat after all that work.

4. Grab a drink (or a bagel)

Try some networking at one of the many meet-ups in the Triangle (or wherever you are). Who knows–maybe you’ll meet the cofounder of your dreams. Here’s one right in the area: Triangle Tech Breakfast is next Thursday.

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