At Reese News Lab, we like to ask: “What’s next?” So recently, we started wondering–what’s next for our interns after they come through the Lab? To satisfy our curiosity, we asked some of our alumni about their experiences after their internships.

We were excited to discover that our interns are now spread all over the world. They’re developing news apps in England and teaching English in Colombia. They’re startup founders and news producers. Turns out that Reese News Lab internships will prepare you for all kinds of adventures.

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Reese News Lab | Not your average media(/startup/marketing/business) internship · March 31, 2017 at 5:05 pm

[…] interns don’t just come to us because we’re a stepping stone to big-name jobs (Although they get those too). Our interns join us from all over the university because they want to create a new and […]

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