Who interns at the Reese News Lab? We don’t hire students because they have the best grades, the most prestigious experiences, or the fanciest resumes. We look for students who are curious, who have specific passions, who want to shake things up. Who aren’t just looking for a regular media internship. Those are the students that intern at Reese News Lab.

Our interns don’t just come to us because we’re a stepping stone to big-name jobs (Although they get those too). Our interns join us from all over the university because they want to create a new and sustainable future for journalism, and we do too. And along the way, the biggest things they get out of their internships can’t get summed up in one line on a resume. (Although again, from marketing skills to business modeling, they learn those too.) They learn to not just be creative, but to systematically break out of the box. Not just to face a challenge, but to face the unknown. And they work in teams unlike those of any group project.

Reese News Lab isn’t for everyone, but it will give you skills you’ll use in any job–and that you’ll use in life. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Our alumni have plenty of stories about the lessons they’ve learned at Reese News Lab.

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