A lesson from digital media prototyping: Don’t get set in your ways

Oct 22 2013

Here’s what we did when our first round of user testing completely contradicted our expectations.

Baby’s first code

Mar 25 2013

Coding. Programming. Development. These are words that scared me. Computer programing was this magical thing that the super-smart people I knew could do. Whenever I looked at my co-worker’s computer screen in the Reese News Lab, I saw this terrifying, intimidating jumble of numbers and letters and parentheses and colors. It was as foreign to […]

Why I made the switch to Adobe Premiere

Feb 01 2013

At the end of last semester, I had 48 hours from start to finish to complete a video. (We won’t get into the role procrastination played into this tight deadline). I spent eight hours on the shoot and ended up with a great deal of footage from two cameras and separate audio. After filming, I […]