Apr 22 2013

Five tips for writing better targeted ads

Apr 22 2013

As the marketing manager at Reese, I’ve been helping to promote an e-book about creating content for smartphones. “News on the go: Field notes on storytelling for mobile devices” is a reporter’s guide to engaging 21st-century audiences. Edited by our senior producer Sara Peach, the e-book offers advice on topics like shooting video, designing a […]

Your guide to engaging mobile readers

Apr 08 2013

If you think creating content for smartphones and tablets is a waste of time, think again. According to a February 2013 Nielsen report, 53 percent of Americans now own smartphones. Eighty-two percent use their devices to browse the Web and 72 percent watch videos online. Seventy-two percent of users also prefer mobile-friendly sites. Last week, […]

Build your brand with a marketing plan

Feb 26 2013

At the Reese News Lab this semester, we have two ongoing projects. The first is STEMwire, which aims to create conversation about the need for more science, technology, engineering and mathematics teachers in U.S. classrooms. The second is WhichWayNC, a mobile-first experiment that explores N.C. politics and issues. On a day-to-day basis, most of our […]

How do you market STEM education? Throw a party

Oct 08 2012

When Reese News Lab’s managing editor, Alex Barinka, asked me to brainstorm ideas to celebrate the launch of our newest project, STEMwire, I was initially uncertain. STEMwire is a news service that is part of the 100kin10 initiative, a nationwide collaboration aiming to add 100,000 science, technology, engineering and mathematics teachers to U.S. classrooms in […]