Capitol Hound: We’re launching

Jan 27 2014

I am working on a team to actually launch the media product that I first helped to dream up this summer.

Recap Slideshow

Slideshow: Reflecting on the Summer Startup project

Aug 13 2013

Students reflect on what they learned as they worked to develop news products that could thrive in the real world.

Learning how to learn

Jul 30 2013

Recently, everyone at Reese News Lab was forced to answer the question, “What do we really do?”


Amateur photography hour: User testing inspired by empanadas

Jun 17 2013

How do you persuade people to participate in user testing? Feed ’em.

Bills, bills, bills: How campaign promises translate into legislation

May 16 2013

After comparing all of the campaign promises of North Carolina legislators to the bill’s that are being passed, it seems like the majority of bills passed are just legislative logistics.

When social media comes back to bite you

Apr 01 2013

Our generation has grown up with Facebook, MySpace and other forms of social media. Our timelines are representative of our years growing up. But through it all we have been warned that everyone can see all of the things that we have ever posted. From classmates to our potential employers, we have been cautioned that […]

My three-day social media blackout

Mar 01 2013

I realized recently that I had become way too attached to looking at social media on my phone and on my computer — basically all the time. This is a¬†phenomenon that we talk about a lot at the Reese News Lab. We know that there are spikes in activity on social media from desktops during […]

Politicians, promises and problems: What it’s really like to hold leaders accountable

Jan 23 2013

At the end of last semester, our team of five students began a project focused on bringing accountability to the newly elected legislators of North Carolina. The project The project, which we simply call “Promises” right now, is a database that we are compiling of all the promises that politicians made along the campaign trail […]

Facebook likes the “I’m voting because …” photo gallery

Nov 20 2012

Facebook has become a huge part of our lives. It tells us when we are “friends” with someone and lets us share our opinions and stories with the world. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerburg recently announced that there are more than one billion active users on Facebook. The amount of time that these users seem to […]

How we chose a target audience

Aug 27 2012

Before we launched, we first chose a name, a logo, an editorial focus and a target audience for the project. I had never been involved with coming up with starting an entire new project before. The main challenge was that we couldn’t just develop an idea that interested us. Our project had to be […]