Can a Reddit model create a STEM conversation?

Feb 18 2013

At the beginning of the spring semester, I was tasked with creating a hypothesis centered around audience engagement that we could test on, the Reese News Lab project on STEM education. In the spirit of Science Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM), here is my experience, via the scientific method: Question How can we create […]

How I accidentally created PowerPoint (or, the value of storyboarding)

Oct 16 2012

Ever heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Well, I fixed something that wasn’t broken in my latest assignment for the Reese News Lab. My editors wanted an interactive tool that was not the overused swipe-through gallery currently plastering several posts featured on So what did I deliver? A swipe-through gallery, […]

Developing for mobile: I thought I was screwed

Jul 18 2012

“Mobile first” … “Mobile first” … “Mobile first” … This is the phrase that Executive Director John Clark pounded into our heads since day one of, a news site about North Carolina politics that is designed for mobile users. In fact, I occasionally hear John’s voice in my sleep, enthusiastically chanting “mobile first.” Weird […]