Lessons from the Online News Association 2013 conference

Oct 31 2013

The ONA conference is not an event to miss for those who care about digital media and journalism in general.

How I researched and pitched an idea to make money in news

Sep 05 2013

Sixteen students pitched ideas. Only four ideas would move forward.

Quick and dirty tips on optimizing your story for search engines

Mar 06 2013

Tips for making your stories more search-engine friendly.

How to create a newsletter for the mobile age

Feb 04 2013

What might be easier then mass-sending an email? Pick a couple of contacts, fill in the “Subject” and the message itself – and voila! But what if you need to spam send something important, say, to a couple of hundred folks? And they might want to unsubscribe at some point. And then subscribe again? What […]