Lab Reports

Getting to the truth and the money

Jul 01 2015

Most lawyers that we have spoken with thought we had a lofty goal. “If you can make it happen, I’d use it,” they’d tell us.

Reality is messy

Jul 01 2015

Smooth seas don’t make skillful sailors — or employable media entrepreneurs.

Instructions for finding your customer segment

Jul 01 2015

The greatest value at the Reese News lab is desirability.

Haters gonna hate, players gonna play: why you should take everything with a grain of salt

Jun 25 2015

What if a seemingly minor opportunity that we choose to ignore is the one thing that keeps our product from greatness?

Letting reality catch up

Jun 25 2015

What do you do after you’ve created an idea that is desired? Get to work. Jonathan Morris, of the Courts Team, explains how to move forward from desirability to feasibility.

Moving Forward, Reflect on What You Did and Do It Better

Jun 25 2015

We joke that everyone has already done everything. In order to gain headway, we needed clarity on what areas people hadn’t considered.

Make decisions, whether the future is certain or not

Jun 15 2015

Decisions help us progress. Make them frequently, and you’ll learn a lot from your product and yourself.

The trouble with teams

Jun 15 2015

My job is largely a management job. It’s all about helping people succeed in teams.

Watching out for feature creep in a world of possibilities

Jun 15 2015

Feature creep happens unexpectedly and can make a team lose focus, but it can be reversed.

When your idea dies, hack it out

Jun 12 2015

Abandoning our first idea was the most liberating and frightening experience the data team had in weeks.