Lab Reports

How might we make museums more interesting?

Aug 29 2014

Try an interactive smartphone app that works with ultrasonic waves.

How might we address global corruption?

Aug 29 2014

Let’s try building a network that enables companies to exchange anti-corruption tools.

How might we meet the information needs of communities?

Aug 29 2014

One idea: Teach For America for journalists.

It never gets old: Fresh starts in the Lab

Aug 22 2014

What I learned from building a sad porcupine out of spaghetti and a marshmallow.

How small talk helped my project succeed

Jul 31 2014

Product development around the family dinner table.

OK, we pitched: Now what?

Jul 31 2014

Here’s what happens after a successful pitch.

How to succeed in pitching by trying really really hard

Jul 17 2014

Make your audience love your product right away, and other lessons I’ve learned from pitching my ideas to an audience.

What it’s like to collect user data, a poem

Jul 14 2014

I smile and ask
“Would you use our product?”
So far today really has sucked.

Open letter to the North Carolina General Assembly: Make government more transparent

Jul 10 2014

We discovered it takes a surprising amount of effort to obtain recordings of open, public meetings of our elected officials.

How to get a good idea: Throw away a bunch of bad ones

Jun 27 2014

We’ve had four different ideas in six months, and my team is ready for a win.