Lab Reports

The Reese Effect

Sep 04 2015

It’s important to think in strange ways.

Overthinking is overkill

Sep 04 2015

How I learned that overthinking hurts more than it helps, and how group collaboration is key

Busting out of the box

Sep 03 2015

How my first week in Reese News Lab has empowered me to overcome the fear that I was not creative enough

Starting from scratch

Sep 02 2015

Lessons I’ve learned in one week at the Reese News Lab

Welcome to the Hobbit Hole

Sep 01 2015

I learned that in order to be creative and think of new ideas, I can’t worry about embarrassing myself.

Lessons in journalism innovation

Jul 27 2015

Take these three words: journalism, innovation, and education. Add them together. What do you get? Some people get a challenge. Innovating in journalism education isn’t easy. The media moves quickly. Traditionally, higher education does not. Some people get a question. There are innovative journalism educators out there. So, how do they do it? Finally, some […]

Build before you build: why prototyping is important

Jul 27 2015

I still think that jumping into building the actual product works sometimes, but I see a little bit better the value of postponing the building process and working with prototypes.

Building something big happens slowly

Jul 27 2015

You can’t build something truly great in a day, but how do you avoid discouragement in the face of roadblocks?

Playing the name game

Jul 27 2015

Naming a child is hard. Naming a product is harder. Both are rewarding. Here’s how the Courts Team did it.

Why me? Why us?

Jul 17 2015

Everyone brings something different to the table.