Lab Reports

Advice from venture capitalist Benoit Wirz

Oct 02 2015

Benoit Wirz from The Knight Foundation offers what he is looking for in start ups.

In with the new

Sep 29 2015

How we have embraced a week of change.

One step forward, two miles back

Sep 25 2015

How we evaluated our ideas and knew which idea to pursue.

Feeling uncharacteristically optimistic

Sep 25 2015

Why we’re confident about the direction for our idea and currently avoiding the trough of sorrow.

Knowledge: the double-edged sword

Sep 23 2015

How we are engaging in idea generation and making progress by brainstorming.

And the going gets tougher

Sep 18 2015

How we are applying Hofstede’s cultural dimensions to our idea and receiving feedback.

Are we there yet?

Sep 17 2015

This week, seeking real-world opinions from industry professionals proved a useful tactic in developing and refining our ideas. Now where do we go from here?

It’s just not up to us

Sep 16 2015

How we learned this week that the faith of our product is in the hands of the consumer.

Competing with Apple: entrepreneurs vs. companies that do it all

Sep 15 2015

It’s rare to think of a great idea in a day. It’s okay to have to start over.

Overthinking is overkill

Sep 11 2015

How I learned that overthinking hurts more than it helps and how group collaboration is key