Lab Reports

If you think you don’t have anyone to talk to, look harder

Oct 10 2014

Keep calm and email on: searching for our potential costumers.

How the startup curve is a real life roller coaster

Oct 10 2014

Ride with Tour Sync for the drop of the Crash of Ineptitude and anticipation of the Wiggles of False Hope.

Keys to prototype development: Researching and networking

Oct 10 2014

The team brainstorms viability models as it prepares to speak with an expert from Report for America.

The answer almost always lies with the customer

Oct 09 2014

How we emerged from the trough of sorrow and launched our first survey.

With one foot firmly planted, my team pivots slightly

Oct 09 2014

After conversations with community journalism experts, the team alters its direction.

Why you should never say “hope,” “believe” or “think” again

Oct 09 2014

And other wisdom from the Reese News Lab’s “gut check” pitches.

New user testing at the Old Well

Oct 06 2014

With prototype in hand, Tour Sync takes user testing to the Old Well

How talking to strangers can be fun

Sep 30 2014

What we learned from talking to museum curators and professionals in the field.

Embracing changes to your shiny, new idea

Sep 30 2014

With IRB approval in hand, the community journalism team moves forward with user testing.

When you hit a wall, narrow down

Sep 30 2014

As we learn more about corruption, our ideas for fighting it are evolving rapidly. Time to talk with potential customers.