Lab Reports

Reflections on a tragedy

Feb 23 2015

In times of helplessness, I need to do something that matters.

Failure is not an option

Feb 23 2015

How my project contributed to the development of a new program at UNC.

Not just why Kinethics, but “why us?”

Feb 23 2015

How we knew we were the right people for our start-up.

Just when you think you have it all, the General Assembly changes its domain name

Feb 16 2015

How the past six weeks at Capitol Hound have taught me to embrace last-minute changes.

Where do we go from here?

Feb 16 2015

What happens when your team starts over?

How to start selling a service

Feb 16 2015

The team learns how to work together to manage Capitol Hound on a daily basis and to sell the service.

Selling Capitol Hound is like bowling a strike

Feb 16 2015

I made a sale, and lived to tell about it.

Which skills do you need in a start-up? All of them.

Feb 06 2015

And other dispatches from the fire-lined pit that is the real world.

Surviving the start-up blahs

Feb 06 2015

Our secret: Have an “Optimist of the Week.”

How to put a baby in a corner and leave it there

Feb 05 2015

What to do when your idea fails to meet your expectations