Lab Reports

How to win a hackathon

Apr 17 2014

In the first Pearl Hacks gathering, a hackathon for women interested in technology, we leaned on our storytelling skills to smoke the competition.

Providing transparency for many audiences

Apr 03 2014

To find our best ideas, we had to target specific markets.

I thought I was a reporter, but I’m really in sales

Apr 02 2014

I can’t escape words like CRM, invoices and qualifed prospects.

Marketing strategies to promote your business

Mar 31 2014

I’m getting to put the concepts I learned in class to work in the Reese News Lab.

Marc Andreessen + Gen Y = the Lab

Mar 31 2014

Reinvention is easy to say, hard to do.

When users attack: What to do when user testing doesn’t go your way

Mar 24 2014

User testing doesn’t always give you a pat on the back.

What I learned at NICAR

Mar 14 2014

Though the conference was all about data journalism, the lessons learned can be extended to what we do in Reese News Lab.

The first rule of startups: don’t say “startup”

Feb 24 2014

How to succeed in business without really emulating what other business giants are trying.

Escape from the trough of sorrow

Feb 20 2014

What happens when your exciting, shiny idea is not looking so bright anymore.

The J-school master’s degree: why I’m getting one

Feb 20 2014

The path that led me from a business idea to a class on news writing.