Where the rubber meets the road

Dec 02 2014

How an idea becomes a pitch.

What it’s like to pitch to a live audience

Nov 19 2014

The people had arrived. We were out of time.

Why we chose a different approach for Pitch Day

Nov 18 2014

America Media Corps makes a big decision ahead of Pitch Day.

Questions, questions, questions, then refining

Nov 14 2014

Curiosity didn’t kill the pitch. It made it stronger.

Why taking “no” for an answer can be less limiting than expected

Nov 14 2014

Negative responses are actually great information.

Looking at the money

Nov 14 2014

How I got over a phobia of big numbers and high costs.

Ask and you will receive

Nov 14 2014

Question your assumptions again and again. Then ask one more time.

Putting a startup idea on paper

Nov 04 2014

How establishing a real product can be scary

How a great idea can only go so far: The struggle of how to fund our project

Nov 04 2014

Up until last week, my teammates and I thought we were all on the same page.

Debates over direction are commonplace

Nov 04 2014

What do you do when you reach a fork in your business model?