Lab Reports

Lessons in journalism innovation

Jul 27 2015

Take these three words: journalism, innovation, and education. Add them together. What do you get? Some people get a challenge. Innovating in journalism education isn’t easy. The media moves quickly. Traditionally, higher education does not. Some people get a question. There are innovative journalism educators out there. So, how do they do it? Finally, some […]

Build before you build: why prototyping is important

Jul 27 2015

I still think that jumping into building the actual product works sometimes, but I see a little bit better the value of postponing the building process and working with prototypes.

Building something big happens slowly

Jul 27 2015

You can’t build something truly great in a day, but how do you avoid discouragement in the face of roadblocks?

Playing the name game

Jul 27 2015

Naming a child is hard. Naming a product is harder. Both are rewarding. Here’s how the Courts Team did it.

Why me? Why us?

Jul 17 2015

Everyone brings something different to the table.

Pitching an idea vs pitching a product

Jul 17 2015

A large shift happens in decision-making when you obtain your first paying customer.

Three life lessons from Reese

Jul 17 2015

Honesty, humility and the courage to roll around in a mess of ideas can take you a long way at Reese News Lab.

Q&A: A study of innovation in journalism education

Jul 14 2015

It amazed me how wide of a range there is in what’s happening depending on if there’s a “innovator” at a school and how many resources a school has. I thought it was more homogenous.

Remember the team. Forget yourself.

Jul 14 2015

First, we place our trust in the team – and then we create a great product.

I don’t care

Jul 07 2015

When a student says “I think” or “I hope” or “I believe” when they are talking about their product or service, my response is always the same. I don’t care.