Here's how we do it

Build better ideas by instructing “Don’t build”

Sep 19 2014

Why we wait to build a new product, even if we think it’s cool.

Two key strategies for the beginning stages of a prototype

Sep 19 2014

Step one: Create a value proposition.

Dear tourism professionals: a value proposition

Sep 16 2014

After my group determined who we needed to talk to, we focused on defining what we could offer to each group – what’s our value proposition?

First pitch: The IRB application

Sep 16 2014

How my team figured out what we’re actually talking about.

Why hasn’t this been done?

Sep 12 2014

The best way to get a newly formed team moving on its initial product idea is to ask one simple question, “Why hasn’t this already been done?” It’s an inviting question that hints at the possibility of the idea being novel. We impress upon students the importance of taking a little time – a few […]

Why IRB calls for specificity

Sep 12 2014

The Institutional Review Board process challenged my team to think like formal researchers – and to focus on what we really wanted know.

Tackling global corruption: We have a value proposition

Sep 11 2014

This week, my team tried to narrow down the overwhelming problem of “global corruption.”

My personal thank you to IRB

Sep 11 2014

The first steps to starting our research in Reese News Lab.

My secret: Structure makes uncertainty OK

Sep 02 2014

And other lessons learned in the first two weeks of a Reese News Lab semester.

How might we make museums more interesting?

Aug 29 2014

Try an interactive smartphone app that works with ultrasonic waves.