Lab Reports

The Value Of Creating Value

May 26 2015

Journalism is valuable and necessary to our communities and society but not everyone finds it personally valuable.

Asking All the Questions–Answers in the Form of Inquiry

May 26 2015

The courts team prepares for the summer pitch party.

When you think you’re out of ideas, think again

May 26 2015

Multiple days of brainstorming can get frustrating quickly, but playing silly games, adding constraints and focusing on one problem at a time can generate more ideas than you know what to do with.

Brainstorming without ceasing

May 22 2015

Brainstorming is at the core of the Reese News Lab culture.

Warming up with a blank wall and a ticking clock

May 19 2015

Starting with nothing is a daunting task for even the most creative people. No matter how many times we start with nothing in the Lab, getting up to speed still makes me uneasy. It seems that so much could go wrong in the first week of working with a new team. New team members don’t […]

A conversation about creativity

May 18 2015

Our newly formed team has been brainstorming ideas for the data challenge. Though we’ve come up with many ideas, not many of them seem to stick.

All-encompassing: Using airplanes, prototypes and blimps to change the world

May 18 2015

We entered the basement in search of Reese News Lab only to fly airplanes through the hallways.

Try, try again — The formula for forming groups

May 18 2015

The first day on the job began as most first days do: a nervous, shy awkwardness.

Kinethics: What’s next?

Apr 10 2015

Can a college start-up team survive graduation?

Why I value my time at the Reese News Lab

Apr 07 2015

Thinking about practice isn’t the same as practicing