MEJO 463

News Lab: Creating Tomorrow’s News Products (3 credits)

Students work under faculty guidance to develop and test ideas for start-up news products. Students will create a prototype, test it on a target market and compile a business feasibility report for the product. The course emphasizes collaboration among students with a variety of skills and experiences.

MEJO 477

New Media Technologies: Their Impact on the Future of Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations (3 Credits)

This course will introduce you to the nontraditional, future vision required to be successful in advertising, marketing, and public relations and the more personal, individualized technologies that will grab people’s attention in the future.

MEJO 570

Data-Driven Journalism (3 Credits)

An introduction to basic statistics and numerical and mathematical literacy, as well as a look at professional data-driven journalism projects. Students who pass this course will be able to acquire, organize, analyze, and present data to a general news audience.

MEJO 577 

The Branding of Me (3 Credits)

What have you done to brand yourself? Students will use YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook in a calculated plan with other new-media marketing tools to land that first job.

MEJO 588

Emerging Technologies (3 Credits)

This class will teach students how to think about mobile media products. Students will learn to solve problems, design mobile user experiences, write the hybrid code to make it work, and then deploy, test, and make it better. The class will be a mix of design and product development theories.