Pitch Day, August 6, 2013

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  • Capitol HoundCapitol Hound: A North Carolina General Assembly alert service. The students are working on a way to take audio recordings from the General Assembly and create a transcript of what is said on the chamber floor and some committee rooms. Users would be able to search for keywords and have the results returned that allow them to either read or listen to the matches. The students are pursuing two marketing opportunities in which people would pay for a proactive alert service based on those keywords. Users would tell us which words they are looking for and get alerted when those words are spoken.
  • NewsLingNewsLing: A Spanish-language version of an English news broadcast. The students’ user testing has revealed a opportunity to create a version of a news broadcast that would make local news accessible to Spanish speakers. The students have identified a potential market for local TV stations wishing to expand into a new demographic and provide a valuable service to a relatively underserved audience.

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