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Mission Statement:

DatabasedNC aspires to improve transparency in the North Carolina court system by making legal research easier and faster, providing relevant data from district and superior court levels, and bettering the technological landscape and infrastructure of the judicial system.

Who are we?

DatabasedNC is comprised of a team of three undergraduate students/media research interns at the Reese News Lab: Emily Gregoire, Jonathan Morris and Janell Smith.


At the beginning of the internship, Gregoire, Morris and Smith were tasked with creating a solution to the antiquated and frustrating system that is the North Carolina court system.
Over 2 million court files come through the North Carolina courts each year, and the district and superior courts still operate on a completely paper basis. Anyone who wants a court file must go to the courthouse in the county where the document was filed, search for the file number on 15-year-old computer software, and pay for a photocopy of that file. This process is not only inefficient and frustrating, but it is also years behind other states.

The solution: creating a searchable database for North Carolina district and superior court files.  This website is our first prototype.

Check out our business and marketing plan.

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