Our Staff & Department

Our staff comprises news analysts, data scientists, social media experts, and computer programmers. Our news analysts have appeared as panelists on national media during major events. They have a wide breadth of experience identifying the smallest changes in the news and newsmakers intentions.

Our Analysts

Our analysts can work on macro trends, we needed a new way to process the details. That is why our laboratory is home to seven data scientists working hard to create news analytics software. 


The algorithms they have developed over the last three years are a testament to their skills and capabilities.

We have now shifted our focus to collecting information from social media. Once it became apparent that our strategy focused on social media, we brought in five social media managers. Social media experts help us navigate the murky waters of comments, retweets, and likes. Together, we are one efficient team.

Department of Economic Affairs

We have a department of economic affairs that looks at how major international news organizations cover global market trends.


We aim to see if the coverage affects the stock market and how people make investments. We also look out for publicity stunts staged by companies seeking to improve their public ratings.

Once we have analyzed the news, we try to find patterns that may help us predict future coverage of specific market changes.

Department of Political Affairs

Another department is the department of political affairs. This is a department dedicated to daily political shifts.


This is a department dedicated to daily political shifts. For this project, we have a team monitoring the social media accounts of news organizations and political figures.

Our main focus on this project is to find out how pronouncements by political figures influence the news on a day-to-day basis.

Department of Sports

We also analyze the latest sports news. Sports is one of the industries with a huge global following.


Millions of people follow sports events. These fans’ opinions are of significant importance to our news lab. Consequently, we study what influences live matches and how they are followed by sports fans worldwide.

Once we collect all the data, we create computer programs that predict how a specific sports event will be covered in the news.