Rampant corporate corruption hurts businesses across the world by stifling growth, enforcing oppressive systems of power, and tampering competition. According a joint publication by several international organizations such as the World Economic Forum and Transparency International, corruption costs 5 percent of the world’s GDP, and increases the global cost of doing business by 10 percent. Businesses are not equipped with the training, business models, and strategies they need to excel and consequently use bribery and extortion, among other measures, to get ahead.

Our project
This semester, we will devise an online network to build connections among small- and large-scale corporations. Companies can exchange anti-corruption tools and develop methods for training employees on how to detect corruption. Healthier business models will help businesses reach their short- and long-term goals without resorting to corruption, while encouraging competition and innovation. Plus, consultation within the same region respects that region’s culture.

The site will offer chat rooms/discussion forums for employees, virtual training sessions, contact information, etc., so that businesses can develop viable skills for success.

To optimize the site’s function, we’ll delve into several questions: Will the consulting be region-specific? Will it be divided between small and large firms? Who can access the site? What about countries where the internet is heavily regulated?

Who we are
Hrisanthi Kroi is a senior multimedia journalism and production communication double major. She joined Reese News Lab in January of 2014. This past summer she worked on Capitol Hound, a product that began in the lab. A hiking enthusiast from Asheville, N.C., Kris moved to North Carolina from Albania in 1999 and has aspirations of joining the Peace Corps upon graduation. She maintains her own website at hrisanthikroi.com.

Pooja Kodavanti is a senior studying business journalism and economics. This is her second semester working in the Reese News Lab and she worked at a start-up through News Corp this past summer. Pooja studied abroad in Summer 2012 in Singapore, Brunei, and Thailand. She enjoys biking, watching movies, and and plans to run a half marathon this semester.

Hannah Wang is a senior English and economics major and business administration minor. This is her third semester working in the Reese News Lab. She has worked in marketing for Kenan-Flagler Business School and UNC Press.

Abby Reimer is a junior journalism reporting and business administration double major. This is her first semester working in the Reese News Lab. Abby studied abroad at the Copenhagen business school ths past summer. She is the editor of Carolina Eats. Abby is a chair design enthusiast from Detroit.

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