As a member of the Reese News Lab, you must often operate as a one-man-band: generating ideas, writing proposals, meeting with higher-ups, maintaining a social media presence, and much more. This week, I’m operating as a print designer.

I recently designed a flyer for Powering a Nation to distribute at the upcoming Clean Tech Summit, a conference for economic developers, government leaders and people from the renewable energy industry. We will be presenting to the summit attendees and also staffing a table at the event – for both of which I also hold responsibilities.

Learning how to “do-it-all” is a valuable skill, though it seems inefficient at times. I often wish I could only focus only on this, or on that. Pushing around text on a computer feels like a waste of time when there’s more important tasks on the horizon. But at the end of the day, I feel more prepared to face the fire-lined pit that is the real world.

As a young professional struggling to make your mark, you must always say “yes” to new projects and positions regardless if you know how to do them. That ability to say “yes” is born out of confidence in knowing you can figure it out. My work in the Reese News Lab gives me that confidence. Pushing myself each day to work at something for which no previous training has qualified me brings a calming sense of accomplishment.

I am not alone in my development as a one-man-band. I have wonderful people supporting me every step of the way, both with advice from their own experiences and with their shared passion for our projects. In addition, the valuable guidance and teachings of our amazing supervisors makes it all worthwhile. Being a member of the Reese News Lab makes the acquisition of the “doing-it-all” skill not only a more bearable experience, but most would say an enjoyable one. I look forward to future collaboration, brainstorming, and hard work with the lab’s accomplished professionals and peers!

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