After it was decided that Powering a Nation would no longer exist in the way that it has for the last six years, my group — which has been working on a business model for Powering A Nation, a multimedia site focused on energy — had a lot of questions. Among those questions was the most obvious: what’s next? It was immediately apparent that we needed a great way to ‘wrap-up’ all of the things Powering a Nation has done. After a few brainstorming sessions, we came up with something that shows off the most special part about Powering a Nation: the students.

While Powering a Nation produced wonderful content that impacted many people, the best part about this program has always been the experience the students gain from working on a project. Many of the former students are currently successful filmmakers, such as Elena Rue and Catherine Orr, who started a local video production company called StoryMineMedia that focuses on telling stories through visuals.

Because there are so many talented alumni, we would like to showcase their work on the Powering a Nation website. My team is in the process of contacting all of the alumni that ever contributed to Powering a Nation and asking them if they will help with this process. We have selected a special group of photographers, writers, editors and web designers to do a more in-depth interview with. My team is hoping that this interview will bring to light how Powering a Nation shaped the careers of these alumni. Apart from these detailed interviews, the new website will also contain a map of the United States with the locations of the Powering a Nation alumni that we have been able to contact. When you click on the alumni’s names, a short blurb will pop up about where they are now.

My team plans to work hard during the next few months to create something that will show all the wonderful things Powering a Nation did, while also showing how successful the wonderful alumni have been.

Also included on the Powering a Nation website will be a tab with all the old stories. Visitors to the website can look through the year’s work in an organized way and see all the content that the program has created. Lastly, there will be a tab highlighting the new dual degree program between the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the UNC Institute for the Environment. This section of the website will discuss how the new program has a goal similar to Powering a Nation’s: communicate complex environmental stories to the public. My team is very excited to unveil the new website; we hope to complete it within the next few months.


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