This week has seen my teammates, Elly Penning and Wesley Hitson, and I actually sit down and ask the question, “How do we spell out our product concept in one sentence?”

This was a big issue.

We realized, after five or 10 minutes, this simple question did not have a simple answer. In fact, the answer was quite convoluted and complex.

The previous weeks we have thrown around a panoply of ideas, functions and thoughts that have led to an interesting proposal — but one that lacks clarity. This question led our group to make some fundamental decisions that have spun the clarity wheels in motion.

We haven’t gotten that sentence yet, but we are finally homing in on one.

As a team this week, we have finally outlined the seven potential features of our product. We have also decided that for practicality and desirability issues, we will focus on a website and an app as the media for our product. These decisions are nowhere near concrete, but they have provided the direction we need to start looking at basic prototypes and improved proposals.

Elly also called Bonnie Derr, who the international programs coordinator for the UNC school system. Bonnie divulged imperative information involving the new, independent structure of the UNC abroad programs. The UNC schools will soon be able to make the majority of decisions when it involves the exchange and abroad students, not needing direction from above management.

This will change how we approach various stakeholders, as we have decided to direct our attention at bilateral exchange agreements between certain schools.

As the weeks go on, that trough of sorrow is still eluding us.

We are waiting for the impact, Houston.

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