Reese News Lab is starting up a new project this semester that is a great opportunity for students to work across silos and get off-campus experiences that are both hard to find and in high demand by employers across media fields.

The project is an effort to use community engagement and audience analytics in nearby Chatham County to demonstrate a model of financial sustainability for local journalism.

We’ll be working with innovative partners from across the country to help serve the dynamic community of nearby Chatham County.

Students will get experiences that will shine on resumes:

  • Defined and executed audience development strategy to boost email subscriptions and social shares for innovative media product.
  • Extensive experience explaining complex public policy with brevity and clarity to help members of diverse community understand direct impact of government actions
  • Engaged diverse community via social media channels to determine customer needs and efficiently fill them
  • Used human centered design process to develop and test media prototypes in diverse community
  • Conducted in-depth interviewing and document research to fill unmet information needs of underserved community
  • Developed and tested user experience designed to increase trust in information and boost social sharing
  • Curated and edited weekly email newsletter for diverse and underserved community. Boosted open and conversion rates over 6-month period.
  • Worked with community partners to plan and execute “pop up newsrooms” and community forums that generated new email subscriptions and boosted audience engagement.
  • Created the first rough draft of history. Gave voice to the voiceless. Explained the increasingly complex and interconnected world we all share.
There are entry level volunteer opportunities for curious first-year students as well as paid leadership jobs.
Interested students should …

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