What is the Biggest Threat to Democracy?

The biggest threat to democracy is the media, specifically how it can be used as a tool for propaganda. This is because the media controls what people hear about and creates a false sense of reality. Many times people are unaware that they are being manipulated by their news sources because they don’t know any better. The best way to fight against this misuse of power is to become educated on how you’re being tricked and use your own judgement instead of blindly believing whatever information you’re fed.

In a world where information is easily spread and difficult to control, it is important that we all stay informed on the topics of politics. In today’s climate, with allegations of Russian interference in elections across the globe, one might ask what the biggest threat to democracy is. The answer lies not only in attempts at hacking or misinformation campaigns but rather within our own government officials themselves who are willing to sell their power for political gain.

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