Legal Stats NC

LegalStats offers automated statistical reports on the likelihood of getting out of your legal offense. We aggregate over 13 million cases from the North Carolina court system, taking into account factors ranging from race, judge, court appointment time and more to come up with an expected outcome that is personalized […]


LegalStat generates statistical reports of aggregated court data for individuals who accused of legal offenses and for lawyers who want to save time searching for court data. LegalStat was previously known as LegalStats. Over the course of the Fall 2016 semester, a team of students worked to further develop LegalStat, […]

Productizing the Data Reporting Process

Great reporting is a huge waste of time. At least that’s the way it looks from a manufacturing standpoint. When we see great reporting — the kind that wins Pulitzer Prizes and awards from the nonproft Investigative Reporters & Editors — the product we’re delivered is just the tip of […]

Reese News Lab


Fall 2017 Snooze Ya Lose Connecting local restaurants with hard-to-capture college audience by helping students get out of bed and get to class on time. Presentation Video | Pitch Deck Sanctuary: Safety You Can Wear This combination of bracelet and mobile app keeps students safe on campus. Presentation Video | […]

Awards & Achievements, 2010-2015

July 2015: Reese News Lab wins $150,000 Knight News Challenge on elections May 2015: Legal Stats wins $5,000 Jason Norris Award in Entrepreneurship March 2015: Legal Stats wins third place at Carolina Challenge January 2015: Lab directors John Clark and Sara Peach win $50,000 C. Felix Harvey Award for Institutional Priorities for […]