Students from across the UNC campus can get involved with Reese News Lab in several ways — from registering for a course to attending our Fridays in the Lab workshop series to working outside of class on a diverse team of innovative student and faculty to research and develop real-world solutions that will lead to a sustainable future for journalism.

Register for a Class

Visit the Reese News Lab courses page to see the for-credit courses that are offered to UNC undergraduate and graduate students. All of the classes are three-credit courses. Some may have prerequisites.

Emerging Technologies Lab

The Emerging Technologies Lab has paid openings each semester based on current projects. Some of the roles include product managers, graphic designers, developers and 3D artists. Students must have proven experience, with examples, and strong communication skills. They work 12-18 hours a week during the spring and fall semesters, and 20-30 hours a week during the summer. Fellows are paid $1,000 to $3,000 in the spring and fall semesters and approximately $3,500 in the summer. Apply here.

Carolina Data Desk

Carolina Data Desk provides students and opportunity to get hands-on experience with the kind of data-driven journalism that is in high demand around the world. Students help North Carolina reporters tell more memorable and relevant stories by helping them acquire, clean, analyze and visualize data. Carolina Data Desk has a paid staff of three students each semester and also has volunteer opportunities for less experienced students. Carolina Data Desk hires students with experience in at least one of the fields of news reporting, data visualization, statistics or computer science. Application coming soon.