Organizations in the media industry face a common problem: finding reliable and inexpensive freelance help. Through EmployEd, media organizations and other companies who depend on their web presence can connect to university students for their graphic design, web development, photography and video needs.

The Forum

The Forum is a subscription-based publication distributed to inmates in North Carolina prison facilities, which is paid for by the families of inmates. The monthly magazine breaks down important news, by applying an educational spin to improve reading comprehension. Content is designed to spark discourse among prisoners and between inmates and their loved ones at home. The Forum also publishes inmate generated content to provide a voice to this disenfranchised population who often lack means of expressing themselves.

Greetings From

The world is getting smaller, but many of today’s students still lack global awareness. Greetings From is an international, kid-centric postcard service that, unlike traditional news sources, is written by children from around the world. The content is collected by NGOs and delivered digitally to subscribers both in and out of the classroom.


Newsperks is an alternative business model for media companies. It changes the way that advertisers pay for ad space and gives users a new reason to subscribe. This model serves as a solution to meager online advertising rates.

Synapse Magazine

Synapse Magazine is a student-run magazine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, investigated in the UNC J-school’s fall course, News Lab. The magazine was founded to fill the void of thoughtful enterprise and investigative journalism in our community. It is currently available for download for iPad and Kindle.

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