April 11, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.
N.C. Halls of Fame, Carroll Hall
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Our students presented prototypes, test results, business strategies and recommendations for six potential news products.

A site that generates a searchable database and local dialogue on North Carolina judges. YouJudge presents comprehensive and responsive transparency to the judicial system.

Capitol Quest
A multiplayer online game that allows users to assume the role of local politicians and gain power through strategic play against other real users. Players pass bills, make backroom deals, gain political capital points and advance to the top. Capital Quest is based on current events in the North Carolina General Assembly.

The Gamut
A digital, opinion-based magazine that changes the way readers access intelligent and interesting commentary on trending issues. It pits insightful and witty contributors against one another to cover sports, entertainment, politics, business, lifestyle and pop-culture.

Digital Forest
A consulting company that connects alumni of the award-winning “Powering a Nation” to companies that need high quality media products. It produces short promotional films and interactives from an environmental perspective.

A system that enables people to place no-risk bets on the weather. Bets will focus on observable and quantifiable weather and its results, such as temperature, precipitation and school cancellations.

A smartphone application that seeks to optimize the forecast through hyper-local, crowdsourced weather reports. Users generate the content by responding to notification prompts with the weather in their area.

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